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arly 1.8 ●billion

〓les volume o●f rural home appli●ances more than t〓ripled from the a■nnual figure ◆for 2008. ■The figure f■or June alone was 3◆ times higher than i◆n February." Fig○ures also show retai◆l sales of c●onsumer goods in rur●al regions up 16 per●cent year-on-year. ◆That's 2 perce○ntage points hi■gher tha

n in● urban regions●.It's expec●ted that the co●untry will re■lease new i

yuan in su○bsi

ncent●ives durin●g the second half◆ of the ye〓ar to keep domesti●c consumpti○on going. ○China's Ministry of● Commerce ○has met wit〓h other ministries t〓o discuss policies t■o increase dome●stic consumption, i○ncluding r〓eplacing old ca●rs and home ap〓pliances w◆ith new ones.● Commerce Minister C■h

en Deming say〓s 2.7 mill〓ion vehicles and 90 ○million units of ◆home appli

dies. So far,◆ th

ances ○are due to be● scrapped thi〓s year. If all of ■these appliances ●and vehicles● are repla●ced by new ones, con●sumption will◆ exceed 500 ◆billion yuan. H●e says the new pol●icies will boost c●onsumption, employme●nt, and hel〓p to develop the◆ nation's r●ecycling system. H●e said:"Th■is year,

the c〓entral governmen○t put aside 6● billion yuan to su●pport trade 〓in

e country has a?/h5>

the domestic mark〓et. That is unpre○cedented. It als◆o allocate〓d 5 billion yu○an to supp◆ort replaci■ng old auto and 2 b■illion yuan ◆for home ap●pliances to ●be replaced with◆ new ones.■" BEIJING,○ July 13 (Xinhu■a) China's lea○ding searc◆h engine compan■y Baidu has s■igned an agreemen●t with Su

ning Ap○pliance, a leading c〓hain retailer ●of home appl〓iances, to sell t


hr●ough the Internet〓 on a business-■to-consumer (B●2C) platfo○rm Under the○ agreement, Baidu● will provide a pack●age for Sun〓ing's B2C busines◆s based on ○online sear■ch activity, said● a statement rel●eased by Baidu Mond◆ay. Baidu will a◆lso seek large-sc○ale cooper■ation with other ven◆dors in

China, ◆said the statem◆ent, citing Ren ■Xuyang, Baidu's ■vice president■

rural home a○pplia

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. Li Yanhong, pr■esident of Baidu, ●said in the○ statement〓 that








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